Lamp Designs & Restorations Examples

D-lamp3-GWW D-lamp4-5-banquet


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3-Globe Gone With the Wind Style Table Lamp

Left. Ball Shade with three hand- painted globes and polished brass castings. This lamp has an internally lighted base so it makes a good night light but it can also be equipped with a three-way switch so it makes a good table lamp or reading lamp. Approximate size: 10-1/2" diameter; 35" to top of chimney.

2-globe Banquet Style Table Lamps

Right. Ball Shade Banquet Lamps with two hand- painted globes and polished brass castings and internally lighted base so they make a good night light but it can also be equipped with a three-way switch, making them a good table lamp or reading lamp. Tall lamp is approximately 29-1/2" high 10 1/2" diameter. Smaller lamp is approximately 26" tall (base to chimney) and 10" in diameter.

Tiffany-style Table Lamp


Below, left. Crimped, fluted, or brass-fitted globe with crystals or brass trim on bottom of globe. Brass base. Larger lamp, 10 or 14 in. crimped globe, 32 in. tall, hand-painted Poppies by Pegi. Smaller lamp, 14 in. dome primrose globe. Restoration piece. Only came with the base. Totally rebuilt by Pegi. Globe also hand painted by Pegi to match Antique Plate.

Hanging Lamps

hanging lampsRight. Hanging Lamps and library lamps are made with polished brass castings, brass chains, and hand-blown globes and are designed to be permanently mounted to a standard electrical box in the ceiling.  In that configuration they are typically operated from a wall switch; however, they can be assembled to operate from a key switch on the lamp.  The "drop length" indicated on the lamp's dimensions is the typical distance from the ceiling to the bottom of the lamp.  It is not recommended to reduce the drop distance, but it may easily be made longer for taller ceilings.


Choose Your Design

Any lamp style can be painted in various color and design combinations.  Select from  examples below or on Lamps For Sale page, or create your own. Choose: (1) lamp style: GWW, banquet, Tiffany-style, hanging, or custom combination; (2) Size: small, large, tall, custom size; (3) Colors: base, globe design; (4) Design: Flowers or other designs: roses, dogwood, named flower, people. I can paint just about anything you want on your lamp once you choose the style, size, and color preferences. Best is to Contact Me by email or phone with your ideas, requests, design combinations.


3-globe GWW style
D01 White dogwood on blue
2-globe Banquet Table Lamp
D02 Coral roses on Silver
D03 Pink roses on green
2-globe Banquet Table Lamp
D03 Pink roses on green.
D04 White flowers on pale green
2-globe Banquet Table Lamp
D04 White flowers on pale green.

Unless marked with asterik (*), click on lamp to see it enlarged. These are Design examples.
Most lamp styles can accomodate one of these floral designs, or design from row shown below lavendar bar.
Too see completed lamps for sale, go to Lamps for Sale page.
D05 Pink & Yellow Roses
2-globe Banquet Table Lamp
D05 Pink & Yellow Roses.
 D06 Table Lamp. Coral Flowers
Tiffany-style table lamp
D06 Table Lamp. Coral Flowers.
Tiffany-style lamp, small
D07 Pale blue with crystals
DH5 Pale pink floral on white
Hanging lamp
DH5 Pale pink floral on white.

DH5 Pale pink floral on white
Hanging lamp
DH6 Pink roses on silver. Brass.
Hanging lamp, small
DH1 Small Hanging Library Lamp
*Enlargement not available
Library hanging lamp, large
DH2 Large Hanging Library Lamp
*Enlargement not available
DH4 Rose, lavender, cream
Hanging lamp
DH4 Rose, lavender, cream.

Below, various examples of painted designs. Just suggestions. Send me a picture, and I can paint it!
Enlargements not available for these examples below.
If contacting me by e-mail about any of these designs, please reference the page where you saw it, and the design number beneath the image.  Thank you!
D21 design
D22 design
D23 design
D24 design
D25 design
D26 design
D27 design
D28 design
D29 design
D30 design
D31 design
D32 design



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